Robotic Soft Material

Imagine a future where a

“material is a robot”
Materials that can sense, actuate, compute and communicate. Mattrbot is an initiative using AI/ML and design thinking to create these materials for autonomous systems of today and tomorrow.

Breathing Watch

A levitating watch when on the wrist, it helps in sharing the user’s breath with others and giving a sense of human bonding through non-verbal communication. When not on the wrist, it helps in creating a self-bonding with the user itself.

Space Compass
Navigating to Planets

An artifact navigation compass that is free from the influence of gravity. It points towards the planetary positions in the solar system and creates intriguing interactions with the space travelers.

Robotic Reinforcement
Evaluating RL Algorithms

A framework that benchmarks the latest Reinforcement Learning algorithms like Hindsight Experience Replay (HER) and Deep Q Network (DQN) on a simulated Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics.

Logistics Robot Cart

A logistics support robot with Autonomous Driving function and “user following” capabilities. It switches between various modes of “Assist-Tracking-Autonomous” during operations from semi-autonomous to autonomous.

Sensing a Human

An early stage non-contact human sensing system for detecting presence and identity of a human indoors and outdoors irrespective of light conditions with the aim to incorporate it in intelligent ambiance and robotic platforms.

Wearable Robots

A collection of robotic mechanisms that utilizes wearable sensors along with mechanical parts based on soft polymers to create, move, and transform the garments from one shape into another.

SME-Collaborative Robot

A light-weight dexterous robot that is easy to program. Based on the principle of Service Oriented Architecture and modular intelligent components, it offers higher flexibility in smart manufacturing.

Consumer Photobioreactor

A prototype consumer photobioreactor that cultivates microbes using UV+CO2. It harvests high density synthesized protein as an alternative source of food nutrients and enables nutrient consumption at the point of production.

Transgenesis Life
Creating a Transgenic Bee

A design-driven work on the potential of a transgenic bee having better olfaction capability to sense RDX contamination in soil, higher density of receptacle hairs to transfer pollen, and greater number of wax glands to repair micro structures.

Elderly Mobility Robot

A robot that addresses the diminishing walking abilities in elderlies by incorporating adaptive walking function to support natural walk and using ML to analyze the walking data, and providing active feedback.