Consumer Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Driving Systems for Small, Medium, and Large Size Vehicles

The emergence of leading-edge autonomous driving technologies, mobility-as-a-service, along with a greater push for cleaner plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and the present era of hyper data connectivity, are creating huge opportunities to fundamentally change the way people travel. Despite holding tremendous benefits such as reduced mobility and infrastructure costs, increased safety, increased mobility, increased customer satisfaction, reduced crime, and disruption to other industries, there are still several unanswered questions on safety, liability, legal framework, loss of driving-related jobs, and ethical dilemmas. Press Release

Autonomous Trucks & Buses
Light, Medium, and Heavy Trucks, Shuttles and Coaches

Technology and automobile giants are investing significant amounts of capital to secure a strong position in the driverless future, and at the same time from component vendors to municipalities, all players are actively seeking their roles in the driverless ecosystem. One of the industries that have already started feeling the disruption from driverless technology is the trucking industry, the backbone of every supply chain. The public transport industry is also not far behind as automated shared mobility and rapid transit networks started changing the landscape of last mile transportation of passengers. Press Release

Robotics for Enterprise
Agriculture, Construction, Warehousing & Logistics, Telepresence and Customer Service Applications

As robotics technologies have advanced significantly in the past few years, robots for enterprise markets are becoming more affordable, productive, and smarter than ever before. This trend is resulting in a tremendous increase in the number of enterprises within the agriculture, construction, warehousing and logistics, telepresence, customer service, and other sectors willing to invest in robots to cut costs and increase profits, while trusting robots to solve the existing challenges and productivity gaps due to issues with human workforces. Press Release

Customer Service Robots
Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, and Other Customer-Facing Applications

Interactive marketing has begun to evolve from traditional methods to highly sophisticated technology based ones that give the key reference points by analyzing and predicting customer behavior. And herein lies a significant opportunity for robots that have the advantages of speed and extraordinary data processing capabilities, and can work tirelessly. A robotic workforce can increase efficiency in banks, shopping malls, entertainment centers, exhibitions, airports, stores, and many other places where the types of customer interaction services are standardized and repetitive in nature. Press Release

Drones for Commercial Applications
Filming, Mapping, Aerial Assessments, Prospecting, Disaster Relief and Delivery

The drone has a great deal of unexplored and unexploited potential. Companies, government agencies, and others are all actively assessing the opportunity for drones that can disrupt industry sectors from agriculture to delivery and create new business models in others. Rapid advances in technology and economies of scale have enabled quick prototyping and commercially launching of drones at an affordable price. Furthermore, due to emerging cloud-based applications and data services, the commercial drone industry is enjoying a period of swift growth. Press Release

Consumer Robotics
Household, Vacuum Cleaning, Lawn Mowing, Pool Cleaning, Toy & Educational

There is a renewed vigor in robotics today around consumer robots, with the long-existing markets like vacuum cleaners and toy robots seeing fresh innovations using AI, which make these robots smarter, and much more autonomous. Initially restricted to labs, humanoids are evolving to consumer robots. These robots do not conform to the classic definitions of humanoids, using smart design to represent anthropomorphic features and characteristics. The emergence of crowdfunding platforms and 3D printing is bringing down the barriers that were present before. Press Release

Warehousing & Logistics Robots
Mobile Robot, Shuttle ASRS, Industrial Manipulators and Gantry Robots

In customer-driven economy of the world, the warehousing and logistics industries are looking for robotics solutions to stay strong in global competition. While on the other side, robotics technology that has already made an economic impact on manufacturing sector is advancing to transforming the supply chain to become faster, safer, and productive. The demand for and supply of matured robotic solutions for the optimization of logistics processes have created a tipping point that could lead to widespread acceptance and presence of robots in warehouses and logistics. Press Release

Agricultural Robots
Driverless Tractors, UAVs, and Emerging Robotic Solutions for Precision Agriculture

With the global population expected to reach 8.1 billion by 2025, the agricultural production has to dramatically increase to an extent of doubling itself by 2050 with the limited arable land, depleting natural resources, labor shortages and increasing costs of food production. The latest robotic and digital technologies have the potential to change the equation of food demand-supply and at the same time release the human workforce from dangerous farm jobs, improve the crop quality while providing hope for economic sustainability of smaller farming operations. Press Release

Consumer Drones
Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Aerial Imaging, Recreation, and Aerial Games

Rapid advances in technology and economies of scale have enabled consumer unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, to prototype and commercially launched at an affordable price. Consumer drones are not only attracting the usual flight hobbyists and enthusiasts, but also getting into the hands of many who are willing to pay for the fun experience, experimenting with taking breathtaking aerial shots, or generating a side income. Due to emerging cloud-based applications and data services, the consumer drone industry is enjoying a period of rapid growth. Press Release