For many decades we focused on Human-centric Design. However, with this approach what we give back to the world is far lesser than what we take from it. Today, we are shifting to Humanity-centric Design by addressing the existing reality of our hyper-interconnectedness and balancing what we give and take through sustainability and collective responsibility. But, I firmly believe that we must go further and give more than take and this belief is

Design by Humanity

It embeds in my design language. Humanity exists not only to make a dent in the universe and wonder what’s next but also to live forever and give more than what it takes, as if it never existed. The living root bridge is an example where nature is transformed by using human imagination and skill. No one knows how it started but it has to continue. The interlinked roots become better with time. It has survived over centuries for everyone at a place where other structures fail to withstand the natural forces.