Manoj Sahi Kumar

Entrepreneurial Trailblazer in Frontier Technologies

As a serial entrepreneur in frontier technologies – Applied AI, Robotics, and Nanotech, he has founded deep-tech startups – Electrofuel Marine, Mattr5, Elbots, and Robots Alive. Over a decade, these ventures have created multi-million-dollar business value and amassed valuable intellectual properties. As a mentor to startups, advisor to multinational corporations, and research collaborator with NASA-GCD, he champions a sustainability-driven future. With a Bachelor’s in Robotics-Mechatronics and Double Master’s with distinctions in Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, his academic excellence and entrepreneurial acumen cement his leadership at the intersection of creativity and technological advancement.

Advancing a sustainable future together with

Imperial College London, Royal College of Art, University of Oxford, Daiwa House, Dyson, Omron, Panasonic, Nidec, Tokyo Electron, NUS, Mitsubishi Electric, Denso Robotics, Atlas Copco, Bandai Namco, KDDI, Fanuc, Fraunhofer, EPFL, Kawasaki, KAIST


The BreathLink Watch

A timepiece that goes beyond telling time. When worn, it senses the wearer’s breath, fostering non-verbal connections with others wearing compatible devices. When off the wrist, it becomes a personalized companion, offering support and encouragement based on the user’s breath patterns. With its sleek design and advanced technology, including biofeedback, the BreathLink Watch exemplifies how meaningful connections can enrich the human experience and foster self-awareness.


Robotic Soft Material

In a future where materials become dynamic entities, with the ability to sense, actuate, compute, and communicate— in short, ‘material as a robot‘— Mattrbot stands as a pioneer. It’s the world’s first material crafted through AI and design thinking for autonomous systems, revolutionizing industries from medical to lifestyle. By seamlessly integrating into various applications, Mattrbot isn’t just about changing how we use technology; it’s about introducing entirely novel ways for us to interact with technology.

Simulated Atlas

Evaluating RL on Atlas

A framework to evaluate the performance of two reinforcement learning algorithms, Hindsight Experience Replay (HER) and Deep Q Network (DQN), using a simulated Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics. The analysis encompasses metrics such as learning efficiency and adaptability to dynamic environments. Through the simulation of real-world scenarios, the project aims to understand how these algorithms perform in tasks such as locomotion and manipulation in autonomous robotic systems.

Space Compass

Interplanetary Navigation

An artifact navigation compass engineered to transcend the limitations of gravity, guiding space travelers with unparalleled accuracy by pointing towards the planetary positions within the solar system. Unlike traditional compasses bound by Earth’s gravity, this artifact remains unaffected by gravitational pulls, providing reliable guidance regardless of the space traveler’s position or orientation. This compass serves not only as a navigational tool but also fosters intriguing interactions.

Space Grounded

Device for Deep Space Missions

A pocket-sized device designed to enhance the neurological well-being of astronauts. This device not only generates the familiar scent of petrichor, evoking the soothing aroma of rain on Earth, but also stimulates the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, crucial neurotransmitters associated with mood regulation and cognitive function. By exploring the interplay between neurotransmitters and psychological resilience, it paves the way for deep space exploration.


Logistics Robot Cart

A robot engineered to revolutionize logistics operations. At the heart of its design is a sophisticated algorithm that enables the robot to switch between multiple modes to cater to specific operational needs. In “Assist” mode, the robot provides real-time support to human operators, aiding in tasks such as material handling. In “Tracking” mode, the robot utilizes advanced sensor fusion to autonomously follow users. Moreover, the robot’s “Autonomous” mode allows it to navigate independently.


Sensing a Human

A non-contact sensing system for the detection of human presence and identity, both indoors and outdoors, regardless of light conditions. When integrated into intelligent systems, it offers unparalleled capabilities in personalized interactions and enhanced security protocols. Moreover, the non-contact nature ensures privacy and convenience, eliminating the need for physical contact or intrusive monitoring devices, whether deployed in smart homes, public spaces, or industrial settings.


Consumer Photobioreactor

A pocket-sized photobioreactor, engineered to harness ultraviolet (UV) light and carbon dioxide (CO2) to cultivate high-density synthesized protein, serves as an alternative source of food nutrients. This technology not only advocates for sustainable food production but also promotes the concept of production at the point of consumption. It promotes self-sufficiency, empowering individuals to take control of their nutritional needs while minimizing food waste and addressing food security issues.


Collaborative Robot for SMEs

A robot for smart manufacturing, characterized by its lightweight build, dexterity, and ease of programming. The robot operates on the principle of service-oriented architecture, employing modular intelligent components to provide unparalleled flexibility in industrial settings. Its dexterity enables it to handle delicate tasks with precision, while its intuitive programming interface makes it accessible to operators of all skill levels. In addition to its technical capabilities, it’s designed to minimize downtime in production environments.


Smart Wearable

A collection of smart wearables that seamlessly blend wearable sensors with mechanical parts crafted from soft polymers. These garments not only sense and adapt to the wearer’s movements but also have the ability to dynamically change shape, transforming from one form to another with fluidity and precision. The combination of advanced materials and intelligent design not only enhances the wearer’s comfort but also enables a wide range of fashion possibilities, representing a bold leap forward in both form and function.

Transgenesis Life

Creating a Transgenic Bee

A transgenic bee with enhanced olfactory capabilities to detect RDX contamination in soil, and a higher density of receptacle hairs, strategically positioned to facilitate the efficient transfer of pollen. Additionally, it features an increased number of wax glands, enabling the rapid repair of microstructures essential for hive integrity, while mitigating the negative impacts of habitat destruction. It offers promising solutions to pressing challenges facing both agricultural productivity and ecological sustainability.


Elderly Mobility Robot

A robot designed to address the diminishing walking abilities of the elderly. The robot features an adaptive walking function, enhancing users’ natural walking gait. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it continuously analyzes vital data, including gait patterns and balance, allowing for real-time adjustments and personalized feedback tailored to each individual’s needs. Serving as a valuable tool for rehabilitation and physical therapy, it empowers individuals to regain independence.